Hunting Dog Breed Yagdterrier | Quick Tips and Advice for You

huning dogJagdterrier was bred in Germany in the 1930s. In Russia, the breed appeared in the seventies. Males of the Jagdterrier reach a height of 30 to 40 centimeters at the withers with a weight of about 10 kilograms. In appearance, the breed is divided into smooth-haired and wire-haired, but this division does not affect the breeding or participation of dogs in exhibitions. Character Yagdterrier fearless, purposeful and stubborn. To educate such a dog you need an unbending will and a steel character. To outsiders, the Jagdterrier is incredulous. Like all dogs of hunting breeds, the Jagdterrier needs regular exercise. Jagdterrier is a determined and evil hunter. Thanks to such qualities, the Jagdterrier is ready at any moment to fight for its prey and owners. Like any terrier,  Jagd is very devoted to the owner, but, despite this, he does not fit the role of the urban dog at all. Yagdterrier needs constant training. Given the inherent traits of his character, such dogs are introduced only by experienced hunters.

Because of the aggressiveness of the dog, there may be problems with other animals and even humans.


The puppy’s puppy starts from 6-7 months on a raccoon. For initial training it is recommended to use an artificial hunting dogsburrow, so the owner is easier to control the actions of the dog. As a rule, the sapling of a Jagdterrier is not very difficult. After picking on the raccoon, the puppy is taught to hunt for a fox, and by a year and a half to hunt for a badger. During the sowing time, do not rush the dog. Premature shedding can injure the puppy and it will take a long time to fix the situation. Males are better at harvesting than bitches. It is enough for them to be primed once or twice, and they cope with the tests.

Hunting with a Jagdterrier Working on a hole

Jagdterrier is considered to be a normal breed, therefore the main application of this breed is the burrow. With a Jagdterrier they hunt a raccoon, a fox and a badger. A well-trained dog finds prey, presses and pulls out of the hole. This applies to the raccoon and the fox. When hunting for a badger, the hunter needs to open the burrow. The dog at this time does not allow the beast to dig in and bark it. Often a Jagdterrier can crush an animal two or three times its weight. A good representative of the breed boldly attacks the prey and holds it with a death grip. Work on the blood trail Yagdterrier has shown himself to be tested on the blood trail no worse than Laika. Indicators for flair and search for Jagdterrier are much higher than those of other hunting breeds. With proper preparation, theJagdterrier perfectly work on ungulates. Hunting for a wild boar Moving and aggressive Jagdterrier work well for wild boar. By courage and dexterity, they are ahead of the Laikas.


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