What to pack in your backpack, what do I have?

travelLet me just say that packing a backpack is far harder than packing any suitcase I have ever done, ever. Although my backpack is quite big, it’s still not rigid like a suitcase and you have to pack everything in a different way completely. The backpack I am using for my trip is a Berghaus Motive 60+10. I have been using this backpack for a few months now and highly recommend it, My backpacking setup is for the warmer climates of Australia so if you’re going traveling in the snow, read no more. I have typically packed for 7 days wear.
Here’s what to pack in your backpack

What’s in my backpack? o this is what I have got with me on my trip broken down

Toiletries (small bottles) bag:
Shower gel
Electric razor
Small first aid kit with plasters etc
Antiseptic treatment
Bite cream
Nail clippers
Lip balm/vaseline
Small towel
Obviously, everyones toiletries needs will change slightly from person to person but they are my essentials listed above.


4 x Shorts (2 x jean shorts, 1 smart shorts and 1 casual)
1 x Swim shorts
7 x T-shirts
1 x Polo t-shirt/shirt for smart occasions
7 x Boxer shorts
7 x Socks (mixture of ankle and normal)
1 x Flip-flops
1 x Pair of walking shoes
1 x Pair of comfortable trainers
1 x Pair of jeans
1 x Lightweight trousers that zip off at knee to become shorts
Lightweight rain jacket


Driving licence
Insurance documents
Vaccination documents
Visa documents
Photocopies of above documents
Money in local currency


Tech (Geared towards being a blogger):

MacBook Air
iPad Mini
iPhone 6
GoPro Hero 3 plus memory cards
Canon Powershot SX700 HS with memory cards
Chargers for all above equipment
GoPole Evo selfie stick with other GoPro mounts (wrist, head, chest etc)
Wenger Nanobyte backpack (great backpack with multiple compartments)


Rain cover for backpack
Neck pillow (comfy)

I find the best way to pack is to pack and then pack again making sure you remove things you want rather than need. Everything has to be rolled to put in a backpack for space consumption. I’m sure things will come and go from my backpack as I learn to travel so I will rewrite in the future to see what I have put in and taken out.


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