Folding Saw for Hunting and Fishing | Useful Items in a Hunting Pack

It is a common question for many hunters- what to choose for a hike into the forest – hatchet or saw, For a hunter is never worth because here everything is obvious – definitely an axe. A more universal and reliable tool for most works can not be imagined. Earlier, we already made a comparative survey of some types of axes claiming the title of hunting, now we will estimate saws from the same point of view.

Hatchet or Saw ?

Hacksaw in the forest is not uncommon, especially in the hands of a tourist or a fisherman, but still, it can only be considered as an auxiliary tool. By using it to perform some work is much more convenient and faster than an ax, but, as already mentioned above, it is not capable of replacing it. in the forest is not uncommon, especially in the hands of a tourist or a fisherman, but still, it can only be considered as an auxiliary tool. By using it to perform some work is much more convenient and faster than an ax, but, as already mentioned above, it is not capable of replacing it.
Proceeding from this, the hacksaw is a complement to the existing equipment, so it must meet a number of criteria – to be compact, light, strong and durable. Here it is necessary to say that, like in the case of axes, there are no special saws for the forest, there are garden and tourist ones, we will choose among them. This will be perfect for your hunting pack.

Immediately make an overview of several types of saws is not easy, so let’s start with one available.


Hacksaw garden (item 8-151881)
Dimensions: 405 / 190mm
Tooth: 6TPI, step 4.0mm
Weight: 210g


This saw is foldable, this ensures compactness and safety when carrying. Opening and closing the blade is carried out only after pressing the lever, it is black, is located on top.
In the opened position, the total length of the tool is 40.5 cm, although the manufacturer indicates less – 39 cm. In the folded form – only 23cm.hunting saw

The handle is plastic. 2-component, to the touch is not slippery. As indicated on the packaging it is made of shockproof plastic with rubber spraying.

The saw blade has a length of 190 mm, a thickness of 0.9 mm, made of carbon steel SK5. The teeth are not hardened, tilt and tapered with a 3D sharpening, they are diluted well.

Comparative test:

Aspen board, half-baked – it is very easy to saw
Dry birch bar – the initial sawing is a bit difficult, in the future the process goes quickly, although the hardness of the wood is felt.
The trunk of the willow is an excellent sawing speed, only a few seconds.
When working, the canvas is not clamped anywhere, the best is a raw tree. It feels like all kinds of wood are sawing easier than with an ordinary hacksaw, although with large log diameters, with this kind of handle, it will work harder.

Of the shortcomings we note the complexity of the future sharpening of the teeth (located close to each other) and the absence of a replaceable blade. Although it is easily removed, it is enough to unscrew the screw on the handle. The strength of the handle and the mechanism of fixation, the duration of preservation of the severity of the canvas will be judged only after a year of use. We will certainly write about this later.


In this manufacturer the folding hacksaws of the Profi Plus series are represented by three models of different sizes: 190 / 390mm, 220 / 440mm and 250 / 500mm. Unlike Grinda, there are options.
For the test, the compact is selected as the most budgetary one.

Garden saw (item 4216-517S)
Dimensions: 385 / 185mm
Weight: 240g
Tooth: not specified


The package shows the following dimensions: 390 / 190mm, but, as in the first case, the manufacturer does not correctly indicate the parameters. The actual dimensions are as follows: in the opened position – 38.5 cm, in the folded 21.5 cm, the length of the blade is – 18.5 cm.

hunting sawThe appearance at first glance is more interesting, the stylish red vinyl handle contrasts well with the chrome-covered part and the black cloth. In fact, this is a deceptive impression. The plastic handle is hard, smooth and unpleasant to the touch, the grip of the hand turns out mediocre, despite the fact that the very shape of the handle is comfortable. On the galvanized surface of the button, corrosion points have already appeared.

Even at this saw there is no fixation of the canvas in the folded state and, like Grinda, there is no spare blade.

Of the merits, we note the following:

– Handle and lock metal,
– the cloth has a black protective coating,
– the blade can be fixed in two positions,
– very compact when folded


For comparison, as this saw cuts, Grinda was taken. Very convenient, it is immediately clear that better, which is worse.
The subject of the test was a fresh trunk of aspen about 6 cm in diameter. Grinda coped with the task in a couple of seconds, the hacksaw very easily entered the tree, without any effort.

Raco at first also went well, but reaching the middle of the trunk the canvas began to podzazhimat and yes the effort had to apply a little more. I think the reason for the size of the teeth and the smaller wiring, although at first glance they are the same. Maybe the sharpening is unsuccessful. In any case, the already used month Grinda has bypassed the new competitor.

Well, in conclusion, we say that Rako, with all its advantages and disadvantages, is still too heavy for marching conditions. Although those who need a long canvas, you can quite closely look at this option.


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